Research Services



Custom research -- using a wide variety of research methods and statistical analysis tools -- can help answer questions and suggest strategies to address the challenges of the modern technological environment.

Key Benefits

  • Gather new data to address your key business and technological questions
  • Gain an understanding of your alternatives based on rigorous parametric and nonparametric statistical analyses
  • Explore your competitive environment using modern analytical techniques


Extensive Experience
More than two decades of experience with a wide variety of technologies means that Reithel & Associates can bring a broader perspective to your particular questions
Independent Analysis
Our data collection and data analysis capabilities are built upon a foundation of rich methodological variety, including case studies, interviews, surveys, and secondary data methods
Statistical Reliability and Validity
Understand -- exactly -- what the data really tells you and avoid unfounded "leaps of faith" that others make when relying on invalid statistical inferences and/or assumptions 

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