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Brian Reithel's Media Interactions

  • Results from Brian Reithel's research on spreadsheet reliability perception have been featured nationally in PC World: Lotus Edition
  • Wrote the article "Business 101: Are You Ready for Ubiquity", Mississippi Business Journal, June 1998
  • Interviewed as a primary source for the article "E-Commerce Fundamentally Changing American Business", Mississippi Business Journal, July 1999
  • Featured on the television show Mississippi Business Today in a roundtable discussion of electronic commerce, 1999
  • Interviewed as a source for the article "Webifying Mainframe Apps: Lessons from the Field", ComputerWorld, January 2000
  • Interviewed as a source for the article "Wanted: Tomb Raider" in Inc magazine (technology edition), November 2000.
  • Commentary featured in the Clarion-Ledger (statewide) in the article "Got a Bill to Pay?  Hit Net, Skip the Check", August 2001
  • Interviewed for the Mississippi News Network (100 stations) "Off-Shore Call Centers are Here to Stay", running date February 24-26, 2004.
  • Interviewed for National Public Radio (NPR) Morning Edition story "Chinese Company Buys IBM's PC Business" by Jim Zarroli for a historic perspective on the IBM PC, running date: December 8, 2004.


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