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Reithel & Associates Announces New Framework for Analyzing the Competitive Use of Information Technology

Summer 2001 -- 
Reithel & Associates, LLC is pleased to announce the publication of an article detailing a new framework that can be used to manage an organization's strategic portfolio of information systems.  The article, published as a chapter of the book Strategic Information Technologies: Opportunities for Competitive Advantage, (edited by Raymond Papp, Idea Group Publishing) is entitled "Orchestrating the use of Information Technology for Competitive Advantage: a Niche-Driven Approach".

The new Framework is based upon an extensive analysis of hundreds of popular press reports that described newly-launched strategic systems.  The Framework offers a unique way to identify opportunities for new strategic systems.  CIOs will find this innovative and refreshing approach useful when facing mid- and long-term strategic systems planning. 

About Reithel & Associates, LLC --  a leading-edge research and consultancy firm, Reithel & Associates brings two decades of experience in systems development and programming expertise in a wide variety of computer environments to bear on the challenges associated with emerging information technologies. 

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