Reithel & Associates Announces New Division with Focus on Web-based Systems for Fundraising and Volunteer Organizations

Spring 2002 -- 
Reithel & Associates, LLC is pleased to announce the launch of a new division dedicated to serving the needs of fundraising organizations and volunteer associations.  As a producer of high quality, stable, and reliable web-based applications, Volunteerware.com delivers systems that will enhance organization effectiveness by tapping into the speed and flexibility of the Internet. 

The new line-up of systems will enable fundraising organizations to manage all aspects of campaign volunteer coordination, including prospect assignment, activity reporting, calendar management and volunteer announcements/bulletins.  These new systems readily deliver functionality and ease of use to far-flung volunteers via simple and secure web-based technologies..

In addition, a new web-based "Status Board" will help answer the age-old question: "Who is in the office?"  by making it possible for employees and/or volunteers to report their current "status" (In the office, Out, Vacation, and so on).   This solution is particularly useful for distributed work teams and status reporting.

Finally, volunteerware.com's offerings include systems for web-based membership directories, voting, and communications.  For many volunteer organizations or associations, these applications address critical needs to modernize service offerings to their membership.

All of the products in the Volunteerware.com series can be purchased as ASP (Application Service Provider) or locally hosted solutions.  For more information, contact Brian Reithel.

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